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We are a small, experienced brewery with 5 years under our belt, and we’re growing fast. We sell direct to customers through our shop, and to good independent pubs, clubs, farm shops and off licences throughout Surrey, Kent, Sussex and southeast Greater London.

We don’t try to impress by being experimental or cutting-edge, we’re simply proud to produce beers that our customers like to drink; session strength, recognisable styles, and delicious. For those wanting to try something a little different, our seasonal releases gently push these boundaries so keep an eye out for these!


Gower Wolf

Classic Best Bitter, Gower Wolf (4.0% ABV) has got a nice traditional feel to it, hints of chocolate and honey in the aroma and flavour give it character. Locally grown hops give an edge to the smooth malt profile. A traditional pint for a traditional pub, especially on more wintry days.

Great with sausage and mash.

Gresham Hopper

An English Pale Ale, Gresham Hopper (3.4% ABV) is like sunshine in a pint glass. The citrusy hops provide a really refreshing bitterness when served cellar cool on a warm day. Just what you need if you’ve cycled or walked to the top of the North Downs Way.

A perfect foil for fish and chips.

Leveson Buck

Leveson Buck (3.7% ABV) session IPA is a feisty little fellow with an American accent. Can be enjoyed either as cask ale from the handpump or carbonated from the keg tap. After hopping in the brew as normal, more hops are added as it ferments, tons more flavour but without the extra bitterness.

A more complex beer for bigger flavours.

Innes Lager

Innes Lager (4.0% ABV) is a crisp and golden lager using authentic Helles malt and Saaz hops then late hopped with German Hallertau Blanc hops before being properly ‘lagered’ for a delicate, floral finish with a hint of lemon. How did the Germans ever inspire us? Innes Lager is a perfect example.

Just the ticket with spicy dishes!


Cloud 24 zero

Finally – a zero beer on tap. And a very, very drinkable one at that.

Sold exclusively at our taproom, this is the perfect pint for the driver who doesn’t want to be the driver.

Exclusive to our taproom and special events.

CHALK PIT, Hazy Pale

An unfind and vegan friendly beer, that’s an exotic journey with a tropical finish. Olicana, citrus and mosaic hops result in a perfect symphony of fruity and hoppy notes, with a citrusy aroma and a nuanced spice infusion. Belgian yeast imparts a touch of traditional charm. 

Sold out.


A proper summer thirst quencher. Inspired by our location at the top of the North Downs Way, this golden ale has proved to be one of our most popular yet. With a light zesty character, it’s crisp, it’s refreshing and it’s at a very sessionable 4.2%.

Kegs available: July 2023


Our very first stout. Smooth chocolate & mellow vanilla spice laid over a classic milk stout base. We used organic beans to brew this indulgent stout, and it went down a storm. It was “the fastest selling cask we’ve had” at The Pub in Ramsgate!

Sold out.

Lord Mayor, London Porter

A single hop beer, which is ideal to showcase the hops. In this case, Olicana® is one of the British hops developed by Charles Faram in response to the highly flavoured New World hops. Not as ‘in yer face’ as our American cousins, but expect mango, tropical and citrus flavours with a nicely complex bitterness.

 Sold out.

Lord Mayor, London Porter

Rich, tawny and smooth. Just the ticket as the nights draw in and you move closer to the fire. Brewed with Heritage malt produced in the traditional way on floor maltings for a fuller flavour.

Sold out.

Green & Gold, Green hop ale

A perfect foil for fish and chips.

Every year we help our friends at Larkins Brewery gather the hops on their farm. There’s no time to lose, within 24 hours the hops are in the ‘kettle’ on their way to becoming our green hop ale, Green & Gold. The ultimate in seasonal ales this is only brewed on one day every year. In 2021 we used Bramling Cross and it sold out fast!

Sold out.

Mercer’s Ale, Belgium blonde

Mercer’s Ale is a nod to our heritage. About 450 years ago, Thomas Gresham, a member of the Mercers Livery Company was working as an agent for the Crown in the Low Countries at exactly the time the first hops were being imported from there. We thought it fitting that we make a 5% Belgian Blonde to celebrate our 5 year anniversary.

Sold out.

Mango, Pale Ale

Time for a fruity number to bring in summer. For this seasonal we have gently infused mango to accentuate the tropical flavours in the New World hops. Rest assured this is beer first and fruit second. Best enjoyed ‘cellar cool’ on a summer’s day.

Sold out.

Californian Spring, American PA

Our latest seasonal takes us to America just in time for the warmer weather. Dry hopped with Mosaic for that characteristic blueberry tang, and a slightly spicy finish. Perfect for a day sitting outside at your local. 

Our first seasonal beer that will be bottled and found in the Gold Subscriber’s monthly boxes!

Kegs available: July 2023

Single Hop series

For our latest single hop pale ale we chose Huell Melon hops from Germany, delicate notes of melon and strawberry make for a light, refreshing pint which, with relatively low alpha acids, is not too bitter. 

Sold out.


Besides our very own taproom, Titsey Brewing Co beers are the house choice at Botley Hill Farmhouse (just down the road) and can be enjoyed in their beer garden while enjoying the amazing panoramic views.

Our bottles, cans and gift packs are also available in their Sheep Shed tearoom, as well as our taproom, if you’re just passing through.

You can also drink at home, by placing an order by phone or at our online shop, with free local delivery. Or you can come and pick up your beer directly from our brewery!


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