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Titsey Brewing Co Keep It Local

Local ingredients, partnerships with local business and environmentally friendly aims are driving forces behind Titsey Brewing Co. This is exemplified in the brewing process. In future, water, the main ingredient will be from the newly drilled well, only metres from the new brewery site.

The first stage of the brewing process uses malted barley, or malt for short. This is gently steeped or ‘mashed’ to extract flavours and sugars before the resulting liquid, the ‘wort’ goes on to the next stage where the hops added. The remaining grain is now spent. Even a small brewery like Titsey Brewing Co. uses over a tonne of malt every month and this could lead to a serious waste disposal issue.

Fortunately the Titsey Herd is at hand. Managed by Bill Peters, the herd of Sussex cattle roam the Titsey Estate. Sussex is a red breed dating back to at least the Norman conquest, originally draught cattle they are now prized as beef cattle. Like all cows they enjoy nothing more than having a good feed on spent brewers grain. Craig is only too pleased to oblige.

Hops, many of which come from only a few miles away, are also given as feed, for the Titsey cattle and pigs.

If you want to taste the results then Titsey beef and pork are served next door to the brewery at the Botley Hill Farmhouse. If you are interested in a ‘Beef Box’ from the Titsey Herd please contact Bill Peters on 07860 445628 or Food miles are thus kept to a minimum.

Fact or factoid? To produce the prized Wagyu beef in Japan, the cattle are massaged with beer every day.