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Ancient Woodland ft. New Taproom

Sustainability and the environment are two things at the forefront of the Titsey Brewing Co.’s ethos. Keeping the Titsey herd fed on our spent grain, never filling single-use kegs and planning for solar power are some of the ways we do this in the brewery. We like to make sure we are working with the environment rather that against it.

Plans are well underway for the renovation of an old barn and land for our new brewery and tap room. Based at Clarks Lane Farm, this is a project we are extremely excited about, and cannot wait to welcome everyone once finished. This renovation involves, not only the barn itself, but also the ancient woodland that extends to the rear of the property, woodland that has existed continuously since 1600. Unfortunately, ash dieback is extremely prevalent in the UK and the beautiful ash trees in this copse are suffering from the disease. Whilst this means they must be removed, it allows us to properly assess the woodland, and with a commitment to sustainability at the core of everything we do, we can bring this ancient woodland back to a healthy and thriving state. A large majority of the trees will be replanted, and the woodland will be better placed to thrive in the 21st century.

The Titsey Estate rose to prominence in Tudor times and was one of the major estates in the southeast of England. When the Titsey Foundation was established in the early 20th century it became the custodian of much ancient woodland and has always worked to maintain and develop the woodland ecosystem for the benefit of all.

Based at the highest point of the North Downs, the views that surround the old barn are spectacular. Long term, the plan is to use this woodland for nature trails, walks or other sympathetic activities where visitors can come to enjoy the views and ecosystem, with a pint or two of your favourite Titsey Brewing Co. beer waiting for you at the end.